Balcony & High Rise Restoration

Our harsh environment causes structural degradation and deterioration of concrete over time. Concrete spalling and delimitation can be permanently resolved by re slopping and waterproofing the balcony slab to eliminate water infiltration. Concrete balconies become brittle and deteriorate due to steel corrosion creating grave safety concerns.

Whether its concrete or masonry issues, we are able to address any challenge your are facing. Through our expertise and problem solving methods, while working alongside our skilled engineers, we will reconstruct and fix any concerns you are facing.

Balcony & High Rise Restoration services include:
  • Concrete building facade restoration.
  • High rise structural concrete repair.
  • Balcony slab repair / replacement.
  • Balcony railing repair / replacement.
  • Balcony thin system waterproofing.
  • Shear wall repairs.
  • High rise column repairs.
  • High rise masonry improvements.
  • High rise painting.
  • High rise joint control repairs.
  • High rise permanent/ temporary anchor installation.
  • High rise structural assessment.
Our various types of equipment fit the requirements of your worksite. We are certified in the following access:
  • Suspended swing stage access.
  • Bosun chair access.
  • Franco climbing platforms.
  • Scaffolding access.
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