High-Rise Buildings & Balcony Restoration

Corcon Construction specializes in balcony restoration and repair. Whether a standard-sized or a complex large-sized repair, our expertise along with a team of skilled engineers, allow us to tackle any project.

Harsh environmental conditions can result in degradation and deterioration of structural concrete members over time. For example, the reinforcing steel in concrete balconies of high-rise buildings can become severely corroded which would create a safety concern. Subsequently, concrete delamination and spalling can occur due to build-up of corrosion products around the reinforcing bars. Such damages can be permanently resolved by re-slopping and waterproofing of the balcony to eliminate water infiltration

Our experienced team has the skills necessary for repair and restoration of occupied high-rise buildings We provide peace of mind for our clients throughout the life of a project.

Corcon Construction offers the following services pertaining to high-rise buildings:
  • Exterior facade restoration
  • Balcony concrete repair and replacement
  • Balcony railing repair and replacement
  • Balcony waterproofing
  • Repair and restoration of structural elements including but not limited to shear walls, columns, beams, and slabs
  • Masonry improvements
  • Control joint or expansion joint repairs
  • Installation of permanent or temporary anchors
  • Structural assessment

We are certified for utilizing various types of access equipment that would fit the requirements of any worksite. More specifically, we are certified in the following access equipment:
  • Suspended swing stage
  • Bosun’s chair (boatswain’s chair)
  • Mast climber
  • Access scaffolding
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