Balcony Restoration

CORCON Construction Proudly Provides Professional Concrete Balcony Restoration

Harsh environments cause structural degradation and deterioration of concrete over time. In the case of concrete balconies, with exposure to the elements, they become brittle and deteriorate due to steel corrosion, therefore creating grave safety concerns for residents, workers and bystanders alike. To prevent significant damage and preserve your balcony’s structural integrity, call CORCON Construction today for professional Concrete Balcony Restoration. Our expertise, innovative problem-solving methods, and a team of skilled engineers let us tackle any balcony restoration project, big or small.

About Concrete Balcony Restoration

Balconies and high-rise guardrails present unique challenges as their vitality intertwines with the performance to the building envelope. Failure to adequately maintain and perform critical concrete balcony restoration may result in disastrous consequences. However, with spalling and delimitation, concrete balcony deterioration can be repaired by restoring the concrete, re-slopping the slab and waterproofing the balcony slab to eliminate water infiltration and prevent steel corrosion. 

Balcony Restoration and Waterproofing

balcony restoration north yorkProper concrete waterproofing is critical for balconies, terraces, or patios exposed to open air. These areas undergo significant stress and damage when exposed to weather such as rain, snow, sun and temperature changes. Cracks lead to significant water damage. As a result, it is crucial that you take precautions to prevent water damage and preserve your balcony’s life span and durability.

Even the smallest hairline cracks in concrete balconies can be problematic to the integrity of the structure. All cracks, no matter the size, allow water to penetrate the concrete. As the temperature drops, the water freezes and the ice expands, therefore creating more inconsistencies in the concrete along with corrosion in the supporting steel. New cracks allow more water to enter and further continue the cycle of concrete balcony deterioration. 

To prevent the deterioration of the balcony slabs, it is essential to inspect your concrete balcony for any signs of cracks, rust, discolouration, concrete spalling, concrete delimitation and ensure drains are free of debris. Our team of engineer professionals will inspect your balconies and provide you with a full assessment report along with an estimate to restore your concrete balconies.

If you are in search of professional concrete balcony restoration firm in North York, look no further than Corcon Construction. Our experienced team has the skill and experience for complex balcony restoration projects in the greater Toronto area. Our experience includes commercial concrete improvements, restoring concrete in occupied facilities interior/ exterior, building envelope and concrete repairs. For more information on how CORCON can help you, give us a call at (905) 405-0984 today.

CORCON’s Concrete Balcony Restoration Services

High Rise & Concrete Balcony Restoration Services Include:

  • Concrete building facade restoration
  • High-rise structural concrete repair
  • Balcony railing repair and replacement
  • Balcony thin system waterproofing
  • Shear wall repairs
  • High-rise column repairs
  • High-rise masonry improvements
  • High-rise painting
  • High-rise joint control repairs
  • High-rise temporary and permanent anchor installation
  • High-rise structural assessment

Our extensive range of equipment fit the requirements of your worksite. We are certified in the following access:

  • suspended swing stage access
  • Bosun chair access
  • Franco climbing platforms
  • Scaffolding access
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