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​High Rise Exterior Repairs

Balcony Repair/ Replacement

Concrete Structural Pours/ Repairs

Underground Parking/Tunnel Restoration

Concrete Pool Repairs

Foundation Pours / Repairs

Membrane Removal 


Polyurethane Crack Injections


Brick, Block, Stone Work

Expansion Joints

Stress Cable Control



Epoxy Weather Coating


Service  Calls

24 Hour Emergency Crew


Concrete Restoration

As a full service concrete restoration company, Corcon Construction is not limited to a single concrete repair method. Our experience and expertise combine specialized and conventional concrete repair methods to provide the most practical solution for all concrete repair projects. The art of structural repair and concrete restoration requires a multi-disciplinary degree of experience and skill. Corcon has extensive experience in repairing weather and structural damaged concrete. Concrete deterioration can be the result from poor construction, external damage and exposure to water or other environmental conditions can impact the condition of the concrete and reinforcing steel that can lead to structural failures.

Underground Parking Restoration

Corcon Construction will repair all concrete surfaces in parking garages. We rehabilitate any concrete part of the garage. Corcon will also repair moving rooms, garbage rooms and prepare floor surfaces prior to traffic toppings and weather proof membranes. While concrete may seem solid and permanent, time and wear will start to show on any concrete structure or building. Especially in parking garages, where the weight and movement of vehicles can put a lot of pressure on the structure, it’s critical to watch for signs of deprivation and to have repairs completed in a timely manner. 

Balcony & High Rise Restoration

Our harsh environment causes structural degradation and deterioration of concrete over time.  Water infiltration issues can be permanently resolved by re-sloping of balcony surfaces and eliminate any water pooling. Concrete balconies become brittle and deteriorate due to steel corrosion creating grave safety concerns. Whether its concrete or masonry issues, we are able to address any challenge your are facing. Through our expertise and problem solving methods, while working alongside our skilled engineers, we will reconstruct and fix any concerns you are facing.

Concrete Pool Restoration

Concrete pools are subject to their own challenges since they are constantly submerged in water. This exponentially deteriorates the surface walls causing safety concerns and inhibits the ability to be enjoyed.  At Corcon, we will quickly an effectively remediate failed concrete pools by fixing concrete and rejuvenating the appearance to ensure they are structurally sound, functional, and visually appealing.


Exterior waterproofing ensures moisture does not penetrate the concrete surface causing cracking, leaking and further deterioration which leads to future complications.  At Corcon, we can remediate foundation leaks or ensure waterproofing is proactively completed to avoid future problems.

  • We specialize in the following waterproofing:

- Suspended garage slabs

- Foundation walls

- Balcony slabs

- Concrete slabs

- Masonry sealers

  • We complete these projects through many methods that are customized to any task or budget:

- Polyurethane injections

- Crystalline coatings

- Epoxy membranes

- Elastomeric membranes

- Hot applied membrane

- Mastic membrane 

- Thin system membrane

Service / Maintenance

 We work closely with owners and property managers to provide solutions to your building problems.  With one call, we can help solve tripping hazards and de-bonded concrete within 24 hours.