Concrete Restoration Videos

Corcon Construction In Action

Structural Suspended Slab Concrete Restoration

  • The team at Corcon Construction at the finishing stage of a structural suspended concrete slab repair.
  • The project took about 8 months from start to finish.
  • Access to the underside of the slab was one of the challenges of this project which was overcome by Corcon Construction’s great engineering and execution skills.
  • Not many concrete restoration firms that would take on this project which is what make Corcon Construction stand out in the concrete restoration industry.

Elevator Shaft Concrete Repairs and Waterproofing

  • Corcon Construction repaired the concrete in this elevator shaft.
  • The next steps involved concrete waterproofing of the shaft using a crystalline coating.

Overhead Concrete Repair

  • The team at Corcon Construction placing concrete on the underside of a highly loaded suspended slab.
  • The scope of work included temporary shoring of the concrete slab, demolition and removal of the damaged concrete, and placement of new concrete from underside of the concrete slab.

Underground Parking Restoration

  • Corcon Construction completing an underground parking restoration.¬†
  • The project involved concrete repairs and new paint job for this underground parking garage.

Concrete Foundation Wall Waterproofing

  • Corcon Construction excavating the soil directly against the foundation walls of a commercial building in Mississauga.
  • Corcon Construction performed waterproofing of the foundation walls of this commercial building.

Emergency Water Line Replacement

  • Emergency crew out replacing a water main line in downtown Toronto.
  • Corcon Construction’s scope of work included:
    • Excavation of the existing grade to reach the damaged water line
    • Removal and replacement of the damaged water line
    • Backfilling the excavated area

Interior Waterproofing

  • Corcon Construction finishing up installation of an interior waterproofing system.

Silo Roof Deck Disconnecting

  • Silo concrete roof deck disconnecting, slab edge repair and waterproofing
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