Water control systems

High water pressure is the major cause of water issues in underground structures such as parking garages. Hydrostatic pressure build-up can facilitate groundwater seepage into a buildings’s underground levels through the gaps and cracks in concrete and masonry foundation walls. High levels of water pressure can also result in water seepage through solid reinforced concrete.

In such scenarios, horizontal cracks often indicate a more serious problem and can lead to the failure of a foundation wall. Heavy rains or flooding can aggravate the situation by increasing the hydrostatic pressure that leads to further cracking of the wall, necessitating the need for urgent repairs.

At Corcon Construction, we offer innovative solutions to control hydrostatic pressure. Our services include:​

  • Hydrostatic water pressure relief systems
  • Trench drain repairs and replacement
  • Catch basin repairs and replacement
  • Floor drain replacement
  • Emergency water main break repairs

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